Master Ministries & Discipleship Center

Jim Teak II, Pastor

Marketplace Minister


God Created YOU For Him!~

So Unless You KNOW His Plans & Purposes Yout Pusuits Will Fail!~

How To Choose Spiritual Disciplines & Mentorship!~

​We All Need Guidance & Boundaries & Guide-Lines...Like The 10 Commandsments For Starters!~

Let The SSDSD Invest In YOU!~

You Need To KNOW By The Spirit Of God Who YOU Really Are!~

The Future Now

Do you spend more time Waisting Your Tomorrow By Not Knowing What God Has Called You To Do Today?


LET's Get REAL Honest!~

Most People Young & Older Have No Idea Who They Are OR Have The Guidance/Direction/Determination/Disciplines To Achieve Their Divine DESTINY!~

Realizing Your Destiny

Fufilliling Your Divine Destiny

Answering THE CALL of God On Your Life & Understanding Your Spiritual Gifting. Here At The School Of Spiritual Discipleship SD Our Goal Is To Assist You With "Spiritual Disciplines" and To Come To KNOW The Plan Of God For Your Life and Confirm Who You Really Are!~